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Head of School, Henrik Brohus

Head of School, Henrik Brohus


Welcome to the world of Engineering and Science!


Embark upon a Bright Future

The School of Engineering and Science ranges broadly: From research of nano materials and mathematic-economic science to wind power and the greatest buildings of the future.
No matter which of our educational programmes you choose, your job opportunities will be excellent. Over the ages, engineers, mathematicians and physicists have always been in great demand. Even during financially hard times, their unemployment is lower than that of other university graduates and vastly lower than that of society in general. Furthermore, their salaries are also higher than that of most other fellow graduates.


Challenge the grand challenges

Mathematics, physics and engineering sciences are disciplines which put the world in motion. They create prosperity and influence our perception of the possible. Engineers, mathematicians and physicists made it possible to send a man to the moon, and today, they help us tackle the great challenges of our times such as climate changes and the lack of resources.
At Aalborg University, you may challenge the challenges! Our study method enables you and your fellow students to work on concrete problems often in co-operation with a company or an institution.

Instead of merely describing the theory behind a new type of vehicle, a new sort of super cement, a new philosophy of production or a new kind of solar cell system, you get the opportunity to work practically with your ideas. Because of the group work, you have the chance to make your ideas come to life.

More brains work better than one. Therefore, AAU is able to show examples of students who - during their studies - have made an invention or solved a significant problem in society.


Internationally renowned study programmes

At AAU, you are taught by active researchers, many of whom are leaders in their field. Therefore, you are at all study programmes ensured a state-of-the-art education of excellent academic quality. You will work closely connected to state-of-the-art research and technology, and the university's various educational programmes and research environments provides you with great opportunities. This applies to both the manner in which you design your education and to the equipment and laboratories to which you are given access.

World class wave pools, robots, 3D-cinema, super computers and advanced nano laboratory - these are merely some of the exciting facilities you may find at Aalborg University.
An education from the School of Engineering and Science is a choice for life - and for your future, also internationally. You may use your skills in Europe, Asia, USA or anywhere else in the world. There are no limits.

Dr. Henrik Brohus, Head of School