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Civil Engineering

CiVIL ENgineering

The big, spectacular constructions surrounding you, the houses, the factories, and the road structures are all carefully planned and built by engineers. From preparatory work, planning, and construction to complete structures.

As a Civil Engineer, you contribute to constructing the houses and the bridges of the future. You take part in developing solutions ensuring low energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment, in planning and building sustainable and safe traffic systems, in working towards better environmental conditions in streams and inlets, or in developing constructions enabling renewable energy use.

By studying Civil Engineering, you gain a variety of job opportunities. You can work in consulting engineering companies, contracting companies, or in public administration. Typical work tasks for a Civil Engineer entail project design of large building projects and consulting regarding design, construction, maintenance, and environmental engineering.


We offer the following Master’s degrees within the field of Civil Engineering:

In order to enroll in our Master’s programmes, you need a relevant Bachelor’s degree and a sufficient level of English.


By clicking on the specific programmes, you can read about each programme in our online studyguide where you will find information about academic content, job and career, application and entry requirements.