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Laboratory practice

Laboratory practice

Welcome to laboratory building L, Sohngaardsholmsvej 57

The L building is open from 7:00h – 16:00h on Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, you must use an AAU student’s card. The card has to be activated to work in the L building and this is done by the building officers (C-21). The labs will be open from 8:00h – 16:00h on Monday to Thursday and 8:00h-13:00h on Friday. Should you need to use the labs at other times than the fixed hours, a special key for the labs can be borrowed. The key is handed out by the contact person in the individual departments.

For your own safety

Eye rinsing fluid is placed by the sinks in the labs, and an emergency shower is present in the foundation lab.
At the entrance of the foundation lab, there is a first aid kit, stretcher and fire hose.

Be aware of the location of the first aid kits when you are in the labs.
Use the required and necessary protective gear.

Good manners and safety in the labs and workshops

In our labs and workshops, we often operate heavy and noisy instruments and objects. For your own safety, you must wear protective gear: safety shoes, and when necessary ear defenders and helmet.

  • In general, safety shoes must be worn at all time when working in our labs or workshops.
  • Always read the signs and instructions before use and adhere to the directions.
  • Ask us if you have any doubts.
  • Always get the necessary instructions in use of equipment and tools.
  • When you have borrowed equipment/tools, clean it and put it back in its place.
  • Clean up after yourself, and keep our equipment and our labs and workshops in great condition.
  • Should something break or a malfunction happen with the equipment, contact the staff at the labs.
  • Show consideration for others in the lab.

Contact persons

Head of laboratories

  • Benjamin N. Nielsen, phone: 9940 8459


  • Kurt S. Sørensen, phone: 9940 8514
  • Anette Næslund Pedersen, phone: 9940 8559

Coastal eng.

  • Niels Drustrup, phone: 9940 8513
  • Leif Mortensen, phone: 9940 8553


  • Per Knudsen, phone: 9940 8563


  • Jan Laursen, phone: 9940 9560

Indoor climate

  • Morten Olsen, phone: 9940 8562 (Safety representative)


  • Kim Pour, phone: 9940 8511
  • Lasse Mikkelsen, phone: 9940 8548

Cars /Universitarium

  • Lars Poulsen phone: 9949 8548