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What you can apply for

As a student you can apply the study board of Civil Engineering for funds for study trips and other study related activities.

The application must include

  • Name of participant(s)
  • Study programme and semester
  • Purpose of the trip
  • Budget
  • Supportive statement from supervisor or coordinator who confirms that the activity is relevant for the studies
  • Information on previous funding from the study board

Application deadlines

20 March 2018
16 October 2018

Your application can be related to activities that are held both before and after the deadline. However, the activity has to be held within the same semester as the application is posted. Applications handed in after the deadline will not be addressed.

Application is to be send to

Secretary of the study board Eva Fryd, ef@civil.aau.dk

Guidelines for funding

Each year the study board of Civil Engineering has a sum of money at its disposal for study related activities. The pool of money will be evenly distributed between the spring and the autumn semester. If there is a surplus of funds in the spring, these means will be transferred to the autumn semester.  The study board will process the applications at the next meeting after the deadline upon recommendation from the study secretary.

  • Study trips/activities for a whole semester are attached more importance than applications from groups/individuals.
  • Normally a student is allocated 800 DKK upon application. The amount can vary depending on the number of applications/the size of the pool.


Money can only be reimbursed after the activity has been held as we need to see documentation of your expenses.
If your application for funding is positively accepted, you will receive a travel expense reimbursement form per e-mail to be filled in.

  • Driving in own car: a mileage allowance will be paid if you use your own vehicla. Petrol receipts cannot be reimbursed.
  • Plain tickets: please attach e-ticket and boardingpass
  • Please note that only documented expenses can be reimbursed.

The travel expense reimbursement form should be signed and send to Eva Fryd, ef@civil.aau.dk, Thomas Manns Vej 23, room 1-231, 9220 Aalborg East, together with documentation and the funding e-mail.