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Commencement of studies exam

There is a commencement of studies exam for all students in the 1st semester of bachelor and bachelor of engineering programmes at the School of Engineering and Science in both Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.


The exam will be held during the first weeks of September after the start of the studies. It has a duration of 90 minutes and is without aids. The study start is passed when it is answered and handed in.


The purpose of the commencement of studies exam is to determine if the new students have started the programme, and new students must therefore participate in and pass the study trip to continue on the program. The commencement of studies exam covers, for example, the basis for the study choice as well as the student's expectations and motivation for the study.

At the same time, the commencement of studies exam aims to make a math screening that helps us uncover students' mathematical skills in order to possibly propose areas that can be improved by participating in special courses, eg Math101.


The commencement of studies exam will contain a section with a number of general questions about the student's expectations for the study and the basis for the study choice (questionnaire) and a section with a number of questions in different mathematical disciplines (quiz). After completing the studies, the student will be able to review his answers and see the correct answers.


One re-examination will take place. If the student does not take part in either the regular study or re-examination, the student will be exempted from the program by 1 October. The Board of Studies may dispense with the rules regarding the study trip if there are unusual circumstances.